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Jan-Feb-March 2022

Winter Spring Pottery Courses

We are conducting beginners to advanced potery courses at our farm in Andhra Pradesh, India during the months of Jan Feb March!

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You will find the testimonials of our earlier batch students below.


Namita Jain

August Batch Student 2021 Slow pottery and Velanga Orchard have become a second home to me. The one month that we spent learning pottery and enjoying at Velanga will always hold a special place in our hearts. Nikita as a teacher is the perfect blend of patient yet encouraging. When I touched clay for the first time, I could not have imagined growing at a pace that would push me to intermediate level by the end of the month! Karthik as our host was the most caring, genuine and generous person. He took care of all our dietary and any miscellaneous needs and went above and beyond our expectations! If I got the chance to go back and do it all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

Namita Jain

Shraddha Panicker

September Batch Student 2021 My experience at Slow Pottery in Velanga Orchard has been quite special. At the end of my one-month stint here, I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment and growth in my pottery journey. Nikita is a calm, patient and encouraging teacher, who works hard to create a good vibe in the studio with well-explained pottery demo’s, music and endless cups of tea :) It was a joy to be a part of the experience that Nikita and Karthik curate at their farm, both inside the beautiful studio and after hours as well — with trips to the lake, hiking up the hill, midnight walks to see a hundred fireflies and of course, spending time with the adorable farm dogs!

Shraddha Panicker

Pujitha Makani

September Batch Student 2021 My one month beginners course at Slow Pottery opened doors to a fun, energetic, purposeful and mindful industry of studio pottery. Nikita, the face behind Slow Pottery, inspired confidence to the slowest of learners running the marathon as well as the sprinters. As a teacher Nikita was patient, attentive, well organised, and generous with her knowledge and expertise of pottery and its industry. Her teaching methods were very effective - especially her sprinkles of quirky analogies to make us newbies understand clay better! For someone who had no first hand experience of wheel throwing - within a month, I managed to make small tea cups (with handles!), bowls, lids, etc. and glaze them! The course was well structured and had room to play around with clay at your own pace. It was a wonderful and wholesome experience. When the studio lights turns off Nikita and Karthik, the face behind Velanga Orchards, made my stay at Velanga a second home. I picked the individual cottage room which was beautiful and rustic with antique furniture and sky lights! My window opened to the foothills of the Maheshwaran hill and I woke to be greeted by bird calls and the occasional monkeys. The food was nourishing - with fresh vegetables, fruits, and the occasional cheat days. 😇 Velanga Orchards was a real treat to the eyes and soul - hill treks, farm walks, picturesque sunsets, toddy runs, friendly farm dog entertainment, lake views, fireflies galore, tea breaks, stand-up comedy specials ;) I walked into Slow Pottery x Velanga Orchards to explore pottery as a hobby, and my journey so far was everything and more! Grateful for this experience and a big shout out to Nikita and Karthik to making dreams into realities in the middle of this pandemic!

Pujitha Makani

Suitable for beginners to advanced potters :)

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