Home Pottery Studio Setup - Requirement for the Online Beginners Wheel Course


Hope you're doing well :)

Here are the details of all the material and equipment you require to setup a home pottery studio.

This is for you if you’re getting started on wheel pottery (wheel throwing) or if you’d like to register for our Slow Pottery Beginners Wheel Throwing Online Course.

Do watch this video for all the details and the text below has any other extra information you might need and the details on where to buy the supplies in India.

If you're not in India, the materials are basic enough to be found in any ceramic supply store.


1. Potter’s Wheel

What I have in my studio - Shimpo Rk55 electric wheel.

Great for beginners to advanced potters.

You can get a simpler or a cheaper electric wheel from any supplier as well.

 Where can you get it from?

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore

Quark Wheel


2. Clay

What I have in my studio - 

Sandalwood Stoneware Clay from Clay station Bangalore (Brown dark coloured clay) - mid fire range

Ivory Stoneware Clay from Clay station Bangalore (White coloured clay) - mid fire range

You can buy stoneware clay (mid fire clay) from any reputed or recommended supplier in or around your city.

Stoneware clay needs to be glazed in order to be functional. In case you’d like to spend a little lesser and not worry about glazing to start with, you can buy terracotta clay from a local potter or the suppliers I’ve mentioned below. Terracotta clay is cheaper, easier to work with and great to start your practice.

When you start glazing, you can switch over to stoneware clay.

Quantity - 20kgs to 50 kgs is a good amount to start with

 Where can you get it from?

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore


3. Water Bowl

What I have in my studio - white water bowls from IKEA and MUJI

A Plastic bowl which can sit on your wheel for dipping your hands in water constantly throughout your practice. Buy a size that’s comfortable for your hands and can sit on the wheel.

You can buy this from anywhere.


4.Potters Stool

What I have in my studio - A custom made square top stool made in rubber wood.

Length 16 inches, Breadth 16 inches, Height 17 inches

There are ready made adjustable height stools available in normal furniture stores.

Pottery supply stores/brands may also have potters adjustable stools.

Where can you get it from?

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore

Any furniture store - adjustable stools (bar stools may also work)


5. Side Stool

What I have in my studio - I use my potters stool as also my side stool. Same material and dimension. 

You can use a spare small table/ stool/ anything that can be used to keep your tools, towel, pots etc


6. Apron

What I have in my studio - I don’t use aprons. I get custom stitched ones done for my students.

You can buy a potters apron from amazon or any pottery supply store. 

Make sure it has a slit in the middle. A cooking apron does not work.

 Where can you get it from?

Claystation Bangalore - Split Apron

Amazon - any supplier


7. Hand Towel

Any hand towel will do.


8. Plastic Bags

Wash and use the plastic bags that your clay comes in. To start with, a garbage plastic bag works, or any thick plastic bag you might have at home.

The idea is to keep clay in it without any air going in.


9. Bats

What I have in my studio - Bats 12 inches by Bhoomi Pottery & Claystation Bangalore 

Note - The diameter of the bats you buy should be the same diameter as your wheel head.

Where can you get it from?

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore


10. Pottery Tool Kit

This is the basic tool kit that I’ve shown in the video. 

Good to start with. You can upgrade to better quality tools once you get good at your basics.

Where can you get it from?

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore


Big stationary shops also tend to keep these kits.


11. Wedging table

What do I have - Custom made Rubber wood table

Dimensions of table I have 

Length 6 feet

Breadth 2 feet

Height 30 inches


If you’re going for a wooden table by a carpenter, make sure - 

Material - Water proof wood. I recommend Rubber wood or Marine Plywood

Size - Something that works for your home. I recommend 4ft X 2ft for one person use.

Legs are made in hardwood.


If you’re going for a wedging board, you can buy from

Bhoomi Pottery

Claystation Bangalore


12. Weigh Scale 

I have one from Amazon. You can get any weigh scale that can take at least 5 kgs of clay.


13. A Bowl and A Scraper

Can be bought from anywhere.

The bowl is for collecting clay dust and pieces on the wedging table.

The scraper I use is a painters scraper and can be found in any hardware store.


14. Three plastic buckets with lids

What do I have - Buckets from MUJI and Sara clay and ceramics

It should be able to hold quantities of at least 10L. If you’d like something bigger, that’s alright too.

Available any store that keeps plastic containers and products.


That's all for now! We will add our tools and materials once we progress with our course. For now, in the beginners course, this all we need.

See you at the course! Happy prepping :)