3 Month Courses

3 Month Courses

Our 3 month courses are for you if you'd like to learn Studio Pottery as a hobby or take it up professionally later! We teach you all levels of pottery depending on how further you'd like to go...

These Courses come in Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Levels! They are held twice a week, 2-4 hours a class depending on the level you're at. 

You will find all the details of time slots available, fees, syllabus, extra notes and charges here, please read it thoroughly and contact us if you have any other queries :)

If you have learnt pottery from any studio other than Slow Pottery, and like to join the Intermediate or Advanced level, please contact us so we can advice you better on which level to choose from!

The Birch Mug

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Shop basic tableware and decoratives for everyday use made by us for you!
The Birch Mug

Cups Mugs & Tumblers

We have all kinds of cups, mugs and tumblers for your cold and hot beverages in this collection!
Pottery Tool Kit (Includes clay), All India Shipping

Lockdown Online Clay Jams


If you are from Bangalore,

- You can buy the clay jam with kit, or buy only the ‘clay jam without kit’ if you have the kit and clay.

If you are from Outside Bangalore 

- Buy the pottery kit separately listed below. Once the kit is delivered to you, only then buy the ‘clay jam without kit’