this is me :)


This is Nikita, ceramic artist, founder and teacher of Slow Pottery!

I've been crafting pots since almost a decade now and teaching for about 7 years now.

After dropping out from my design school in bangalore, I explored various art forms and started small businesses at the start of the era of eccomerce and social media businesses. After my initial years of exploration, I head out to Himachal Pradesh, Andretta Village to learn pottery for 3 months.

Something that was supposed to be a break turned into a profession. Took me a year to accept pottery as something I'd like to do day in day out.

I travelled to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Denmark to learn from various teachers, slowly building my style.

Coming from a family of teachers (literally everyone in my family is passionate about teaching), wanting to teach pottery was a natural thought. It also gave me a routine, structure, amazing people to work with and enabled me to build a studio in Bangalore in 2017.

After 4 years of teaching pottery in the city, organising pottery festivals, proffesional courses, weekend clay jams, me and my partner decided to shift to our mango orchard in Andhra Pradesh and continue to build and dream.

I've been teaching here at Velanga Orchard, our farm since 3 years and we conduct one - two- three month residential courses where the students stay with us, learn, play, escape the city life, breathe in fresh air, get an immersive time with the clay!

During the summer months when I'm not teaching, we harvest mangoes, make pottery, learn new art forms and sell online!

Hope to have you in our community! Welcome :)

If you scroll down, I've detailed out my journey of craft entrepreneurship if you'd like to read more.

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