Swabhhi Tyagi - Slow Journeys

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Swabhhi Tyagi - Slow Journeys

Swabhhi Tyagi

Batch Jan 2021- One month course

After a lot of workshops or introduction to pottery sessions this was by far the most resonating one- also because Nikita would make you feel that its not just the clay that you are entering but even yourself in this process of it all - and I guess that is something we struggle with most of the time, isn’t it?

Unlike anything else, clay is simple. It reacts bro you, moves with you, mirrors you and that’s such an alien feeling. To be in control, to be mindful of every pull and to be able to revel in it. I wasn’t quite sure of why I came here. Was it get away from the chaos or to be closer to a skill that has intrigued me for quite sometime and even on the last day of this course, there’s not one particular thing that I am taking away from this but just a feeling of being more at ease with myself, my thoughts and of course my clay.

I loved that you could almost feel Nikita’s ease of being with the clay while she patiently taught us how to centre or to make bowls. It almost infectious how easy breezy she is with the clay. You can see the same in yourself in the speed drills. Centering your clay in less than a minute, NEVER though I could do that. Such a rush! That obviously comes after your share of frustrated entered pieces, anxious driven pulls and don’t even get me started on the glazing! Thank god for Sindhu’s (intern) calming music in the background.