Elizabeth Thomas - Slow Journeys

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Elizabeth Thomas - Slow Journeys

Elizabeth Thomas

Jan 2021 Batch - Two Month Course

Week 1

The first few days went really well. I was happy with myself.

Then started the ups and downs and the elusive centre. So now I've decided to happily explore clay town and to enjoy holding hands with Mr. Centre whenever he sits next to me :)

Second monday here and I have three pieces on my bat, they aren't at all perfect but they're something.


Week 2

There are so many ups and downs. It can be discouraging but I think it has been an upward curve overall because today I heard myslef tell Swabhhi that I want to throw bowls to keep once I'm done trimming. Which means I think I'm capable of making good enough pieces without assuming that I need days to throw and keep the ones that worked out as a fluke.

So just let it be, keep practising and curving up and onwards. It'll be ok. Actually It'll be so rewarding. Loving seeing the trimmed pieces.

Bye until next time :)

Week 3

Choosing glazes, by far the toughest day because I do not know what anything will look like when it's done.

The glaze workshop was a lot of new information, was a little lots because of that it's alright. Will learn.

Did the wax foots today and will dip in glazes tomorrow, wish us luck!

Excited to fire and hear the ting tings :)


Week 4

Over one month is over and we just took out our pieces. It has been so lovely to go through each stage of the process and finally see what it all came out to be. Feeling incredibly satisfied with the learning process and I've gone from being worried about pieces turning out well to realising that I'm more interested in mistakes and what I can learn from. Loved what came out of the kiln, cracks and all <3

Bye :)

Month 2

Month 2 feels more intentional than the first month did.I'm more familiar with clay and less attached to things that I make, am excited to be improving on my basics.

That being said, I hope the plates survive.

Using larger amounts of clay now, enjoying the intricacies that come with. Time is really flying though. Here's to taller and bigger :)