Indira Devi - Slow Journeys

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Indira Devi - Slow Journeys
Indira Devi

2021 Batch - 3 month course

Week 1

Slow Pottery has been on my feed for quite some time. I always knew I liked pottery so for my 23rd Birthday I had gotten a children's pottery kit as a gift. Later when I opened it and started messing around with it, I knew that I would unlock another level of patience in order to even mess around with it. That's why I chose pottery. So I have completed one week here and I already feel myself changing for the better part of life. I feel really left back, alone and pressured because others were ahead of me but I know now, there are so many things I need to fix within myself. I look forward to all the positive changes and rhythm. I am beyond thankful to Nikita for putting up with me.

Week 2

Wee 2 of pottery has been blissful. I am so much mroe confident over my skill and very eager to learn new things. I am surely waiting and keeping calm in the studio even when things don't go how I exactly planned. I am aware of my hands and have a better understanding of how the clay works. Very excited for the next week.

There is only option and that is to move forward, with my skill and patience.

Lots of good looking pots and cups and cylinders.

Week 4

Today officially marks on month of the pottery course. We took the pieces we made from the kiln. The amount of joy and excitement I had can't be described in mere words. I am so glad I built the patience to be where I am. I still have so much to learn and can't wait to start month 2. The speed drills, the glazes, everything makes so much sense now. Throwing is where the life of that individual piece starts taking life. I want to get better. I want to become a great potter with amazing collections.

Thank you Nikita for that amazing theory of studio setup. It was calm, smooth and very helpful.

Lots of pots <3

Month 2

Month 2 of pottery is bit more calmer for some reason. I did come back with a boost of confidence and you would see it in my throwing. But now at the end of first week, I am back to the trigger words haunting mr. 'Centering', 'Wobble' getting to me. I understand the clay better now. Glazes are becoming more and more interesting.

I learned plates and lids. They are so fun. The new batch people are very advanced, also because most of them have previous experiences. This is my pottery class and I intend to make the best out of it. Maybe in my late 30s I will become a serious potter. Till then learn and upgrade the skill.