Saumya Sinha - Slow Journeys

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Saumya Sinha - Slow Journeys

Saumya Sinha 

Jan 2022 - One month Course

Week 1

Thrilling, daunting, overwhelming, exciting, refreshing, my first week of pottery was all of it at once. While I cannot wait to see mu final collection, I also find it so hard to believe that I'll make even a single decent piece.

But everyday has been better that the last and that keeps me going. Week one was all about progress over perfection and I hope I continue to see it that way.

And also make more than goblet stems eventually.

Week 2

What seemed impossible and extremely difficult feels a little more achievable. I'm feeling more confident with every ball of clay I'm wedging, with every piece I'm throwing. I understand the wheel, the clay and my own body better now. I'm able to notice and reflect on my mistakes and learn from them. Feel slightly more relaxed, a little more prepared, a but more centered.