Nischala - Slow Journeys

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Nischala - Slow Journeys


2021- One Month Course

Week 1

Trigger word of the week 'Wobble'

Felt lost and confused one clay ball at a time. The sentence 'trust the process' was the only encouraging part. It was fun to struggle with my co potter, checking each other's wobbles, helping each other find the tiny flaws. At the end of the day just had to remember Nikita's words, 'remember guys, you came here for fun!'

Week 2

Trigger word of the week 'Cracks'

Handbuilding was fun but still stressful. The crack in my skele bowl looks fatal but hoping that it will still be functional. This week the only thing that kept me going was looking forward to firing and glazing my pieces and experimenting with colours. Skill wise I still think I've done worse than Week 1. There's hoping week 3 & 4 will help me get better.

Week 3 & 4 course end

Opening the kiln was an amazing feeling. It was great to see all the work come together in the most visually pleasing manner. In the end, I'm gratfeul for Liz's quick wedging postures, Swabhhi's 'is there a wobble' questions, Sindhu's kind and most helpful assistance, Devi's wobble inducing jokes, Indira's dark cloud that became all of our sunshine, Meenu's perfect centering since the start & handbuilding flair, Saumya's constant out of syllabus talent. Also eternally garteful for Nikita's teachings and for the loveliest 4 weeks.