Studio Pottery & Design Professional Course

Studio Pottery—Craft Entrepreneurship—Design

Certified by Slow Pottery

next batch in jan 2020

Bangalore, India


Studio Pottery has different meanings to different people. For some it’s therapy, for some it’s livelihood, for some it’s a passion and for some it’s a creative expression. We are seeing growing interest in studio pottery in our culture today, and slow pottery would like to take that interest and encourage students to take up ceramics professionally contributing to the art of ceramics in India. Personally, coming from a design and business field and having an interest in the design of everyday life, we’ve curated a professional course which not only teaches students on how to make and glaze pots, but also how to design pots solving everyday problems, be it aesthetically or functionally and how to turn their passion into profession, earning a livelihood from it. We would like to merge ceramics, design & craft entrepreneurship, as I believe that they go hand in hand, making this course holistic and empowering.

ceramic plate
professional course


1. A course that is intensive, demands full commitment from the student.

2. A course that not only involves throwing, glazing pottery, but also teaches students the basics of design & craft entrepreneurship.

3. We also aim to teach them on how to run a studio, making them self sufficient after the duration of the course.

4. We would like to involve pottery and design teachers who are experts at their fields, and would like to share their knowledge and contribute to the future generations of Studio Potters & Designers in our country.


Registration start on the 1st Of July 2019

Next Batch starts in January 2020

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Nikita- +919535037322


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