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Whether you are absolutely new to pottery or are a seasoned potter who wants to take a step further in their training, we have something for all.

We have two different types of courses- The 3 Month Course & The Studio Pottery & Design Professional Course

The 3 Month Course- SLOTS FULL

Next Batch Starts In October 2019

Registrations start in August 2019

In our 3 Month Courses, we have Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Courses. In each of the courses, we teach you techniques according to your skill level and also give you an introduction to designing your own collection at the end of the course, after which you showcase your collection at an exhibit organised by Slow Pottery.

 The Beginners Course gives you a glimpse into pottery where we teach you all the basic forms, the basic techniques of pottery wheel work, hand building along with making utilitarian ceramics like mugs, bowls, holders and more! 

The Intermediate Course are for the ones who want to take a step further. We teach you more complex forms in utilitarian and decorative ceramics, like plates, jugs, lidded pots etc

Finally we have the Advanced Course for the ones who are hooked to pottery like us! Big pots, complex forms and techniques taking you on an intense journey.

The Studio Pottery & Design Professional Course

Next Batch in January 2020

This professional course is a 6 month course, which will not only give you the skills of a Professional Studio Potter but will also give you the foundation skills of Accessory & Product Design, and strive to make you self sufficient through craft entrepreneurship skills!

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Beginners Course

Beginners Course

Intermediate Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

Advanced Course