Intermediate 3 Months Pottery Course

Due to COVID19, all our workshops and courses have been postponed. We will be in touch with the students on when we can resume. The dates that are mentioned are tentative and may change according to the severity of the situation.

The intermediate batch takes you a step further into the world of pottery where you will learn more complex forms, surface decoration, handling bigger amount of clay, getting more self sufficient in the studio, more ways to express your art.

The course is designed in such a manner that we understand pottery and clay deeply and slowly without losing any integrity or compromising the intensity of the craft. We will provide you with personalised attention and give you the experience of pottery and showcasing your art through the exhibit.

Course Starts- JUNE 2020 (TENTATIVE)

Duration- 3 months / 26 classes + 2 Hours Open Studio (Practice Session)

Fees- Rs.25,000/- for 26 classes inclusive of taxes

The fees includes 26 classes, 48 hours of open studio time, Clay, Personalised Apron, Toolkit, All Glaze Materials

Note: You should have done Beginners syllabus before applying for this course by slow pottery or any other pottery academy. If you haven’t learnt from Slow Pottery, please contact us through the Contact Us page and let us know your experience so we can advice you better.


Weekend Batch (Saturday & Sunday) 3pm to 5pm class with 5pm to 7pm Practice Session on your own

What will you be learning

Working with 500gms to 1kg of clay
Lidded Pots
Serving Bowls
Plates, Platters, Trays
Surface Decoration- Fluting, Carving, Faceting, Chattering
Make your own collection of pots in the third month

Glaze Application Workshop
A brief introduction about glazes and the different techniques used in glazing a piece of pottery. 
Different techniques- Dipping, Pouring, Brushing, Sponging, Double glazing, Spraying, Marbling

All materials provided. Please read the notes for the extra firing charges.

Who is this course for?

Anyone above 15 years of age who has done a beginners & intermediate course at Slow Pottery or has covered the beginners & intermediate syllabus at any other pottery institute.


You will receive a confirmation mail once you make the payment for this course. 15 days prior to the course, we will start a Whatsapp group for all notifications.

There is an extra charge for firing the collection that you make at the end of the collection. Rs.1000/- per kiln shelf, which is approximately 8-10 tea cup size pieces. If your pieces are bigger, then the charge increases proportionately. 

If you take holidays, we try giving you extra classes (within the 3 month time frame) and slots to cover up your missed classes but at the same time, we do not guarantee making up for all the holidays you take. 2-4 Holidays can easily be adjusted. More than that is subject to availability of free slots.

In case of covering up holidays or any other situation, we do not extend your classes after the 3 month duration of the course.

We take the full payment during the registration of the course which also acts as the confirmation of your slot. 

You can cancel your booking till 15 days before the batch starts and we can provide you with a full refund. After that, we will not be able to help you. 

In case you drop out in the middle of the course, no refund will be provided.

To Register-

1. Please fill in this application form here

2. After you've filled the form, you can contact us if you have any further questions/inquiries/doubts, please message/whatsapp us at +91 9535037322. We may not be able to take your calls at all times, so do send us a message and we'll call you at a convenient time.

3. To confirm your slot, you can make the payment through an online transfer to the following account details-

Account Name- Slow Living India

Account Number - 016905012630

Bank & Branch Name- ICICI Bank, Indiranagar Branch

IFSC Code - ICIC0000169

Account Type - Current Account

(Please mention your name in the remarks section when you are making the payment, so your booking name is easily identifiable)

4. After you've made the payment, please message us at +91 9535037322 to inform us and we'll send you a receipt within 24 hours of your payment.