A Little Bit About Us...

We are Potters. We make, sell, teach pottery. To us, Slow Pottery is a lifestyle we adopt inspired by slow living. A lifestyle that teaches us to be mindful, aware and savour life by slowing down.

Each pot we make is handcrafted by us, every shape that the clay takes through our hands, every flaw it has, every time it goes through firing, it teaches us more about life and its natural flow. We teach, sell pottery keeping this in mind and try passing it on to you.

Studio Pottery & Design Professional Course

Studio Pottery—Craft Entrepreneurship—Design

Certified by Slow Pottery

Next Batch in April 2020

This professional course is a 6 month course, which will not only give you the skills of a Professional Studio Potter but will also give you the foundation skills of Accessory & Product Design, and strive to make you self sufficient through craft entrepreneurship skills!


the pottery festival

We organise this festival every four months in Bangalore and we will be back with bigger, muddier, crazier festivals every season! You will find potters markets, workshops, live music, special food menu….plus exciting unique concepts every edition :)

3 Month courses- All full

Next Batch Starts In October 2019

Registrations start on the 15th August 2019

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned potter. We have something for all of you. Check out our 3 month long Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Courses. Register Now!