Online Clay Jams

Welcome to our Online Clay Jams! These jams are short handbuilding workshops. You need the pottery kit sold in the same collection before you start with your clay projects :)

 -We ship pottery kits currently online in India.

- If you'd like to sign up for our clay jams, please buy the pottery kit beforehand. 

- One kit has one kg terracotta clay which is great for one clay jam. If you'd like to do more clay jams, you can buy the clay separately.

- You can also buy the kit and clay from a local supplier, just make sure you have all the components that we have mentioned in the product description.

- For firing your pots, please take them to a local pottery studio or traditional potters in your city. The clay that comes with the kit is natural terracotta clay which needs to be fired at 900-1100 degrees celsius for it to be usable and strong.

- We do not teach Pottery using air dry clay/polymer clay.