Advanced Course


The advanced batch is for the more brave at heart. By the end of this course you would have graduated from a hobby-ist to a professional potter. So, if you are looking to take this up as a profession, this course is your stepping stone. From here you can go on to do residencies , apprenticeships or simply set up your own studio and take on production orders.

Prerequisites for the course:

Students who have completed the intermediate course at Slow pottery.

You should be able to centre and throw forms with at-least 800 gm of clay.

We look for 3 qualities in our students.

You have to be:



  • and SOBER!

Duration- 3 months / 24 classes + 2 Hours Practice Session/Open Studio

Fee - Rs.25,000/- for 3 months

The fee includes 24 classes, 48 hours of open studio time, stoneware clay, Personalised apron, Toolkit, A Stall at the pottery festival by Slow Pottery

Batches- ALL FULL

Next Batch Starts In October 2019

Registrations start in August 2019

What will you be learning

1. Forms and techniques that you will learn:

  • 1kg Cylinder

  • 1kg Bottle OR Jug

  • 1kg Soup Tureen OR Casserole

  • Pulling handles off the pot

  • Throwing off the hump

  • How to alter forms on the wheel, while wet.

  • Section throwing

  • Coil and throw on the wheel

To Register For This Course-

Please click here, put in the subject as 'REGISTRATION', fill in your details and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.


Send us an email at us at +91 9535037322


1. We conduct Glaze Application Workshops every month which is not included in this course but helps you complete your collection at the end of the 3 months.

2. There is an extra charge for glazing (by slow pottery) and firing for the collection that you make for the exhibit. Rs.1500/- for firing and glazing approximately 8 cup size pieces. If your pieces are bigger, then the charge increases proportionately. If you wish to glaze it yourself, the cost of firing and glazing approximately 8 cup size pieces is Rs.1000/-

3. If you take holidays, we try giving you extra classes and slots to cover up your missed classes but at the same time, we do not guarantee making up for all the holidays you take. 2-4 Holidays can easily be adjusted. More than that is subject to availability of free slots.

4.In case of covering up holidays or any other situation, we do not extend your classes after the 3 month duration of the course.

5. We won’t be providing any refunds.

6. We take the full payment during the registration of the course which also acts as the confirmation of your slot. 

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