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Advanced Course

Duration- 3 months / 26 classes + 2 Hours Open Studio (Practice Session)

Fees- Rs.30,000/- for 26 classes inclusive of taxes

The fees includes 26 classes, 48 hours of open studio time, clay, Personalised Apron, Toolkit, all glaze materials

Batch starts on the 2nd of November 2019

Note: You should have done Intermediate syllabus before applying for this course by slow pottery or any other pottery academy. If you haven’t learnt from Slow Pottery, we will be calling you to see your throwing skills to decide which level you qualify for.


Weekend Batch (Saturday & Sunday) 3pm to 5pm class with 5pm to 7pm Practice Session on your own SLOTS FULL

Weekday Batch (Monday & Tuesday) 3pm to 5pm class with 5pm to 7pm Practice Session on your own

What will you be learning

1kg Cylinder

1kg Bottle OR Jug

1kg Soup Tureen OR Casserole

Pulling handles off the pot

Throwing off the hump

How to alter forms on the wheel, while wet.

Tea Pot

Glaze Application Workshop

A brief introduction about glazes and the different techniques used in glazing a piece of pottery. 

Different techniques that you will learn in this workshop:

  • Dipping

  • Pouring

  • Brushing

  • Sponging

  • Double glazing

  • Spraying 

  • Marbling

All materials provided. Please read the notes for the extra firing charges.


Send us an email at us at +91 9535037322 with the batch time and days of the week that you are opting for. We will reply back within 24 hours of your query with a contact form and bank account details for the confirmation.

You can also visit us before confirming. Please take an appointment before visiting on the whatsapp number given above.


  1. If you’ve done the glaze application workshop, you can still attend the workshop that will be held for the beginners, refresh your skills and glaze your pots. The fee will be the same and all the glazing materials will be provided.

  2. There is an extra charge for firing the collection that you make at the end of the collection. Rs.1000/- per kiln shelf, which is approximately 8-10 tea cup size pieces. If your pieces are bigger, then the charge increases proportionately. 

  3. If you take holidays, we try giving you extra classes (within the 3 month time frame) and slots to cover up your missed classes but at the same time, we do not guarantee making up for all the holidays you take. 2-4 Holidays can easily be adjusted. More than that is subject to availability of free slots.

  4. In case of covering up holidays or any other situation, we do not extend your classes after the 3 month duration of the course.

  5. We take the full payment during the registration of the course which also acts as the confirmation of your slot. 

  6. You can cancel your booking till 15 days (till 11th of October) before the batch starts and we can provide you with a full refund. After that, we will not be able to help you. We won’t be providing any refunds after the 15th October 2019.