3 Week Intensive -Weekday Batch

“Clay is not a hobby; it's a way of life.”

If you are one who has always been fascinated by the shape of your chai cup and has let your thoughts wander----about the how and the whats and the whys---wander no more. Welcome to the fascinating world of pottery- Slow Pottery. We are not rushed for time. We are here to stay, and we would like you to stay too!

We will introduce you to the medium of clay, and the rest is for you to discover and for us to guide. There are no rights and wrongs, ifs and buts ONLY clay and you :)

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Duration- 3 weeks/36 hours

Timings- Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10am-2pm (4 hours every class)

Fees-Rs.10,000/- inclusive of taxes. Materials Provided.

What will you be learning

  1. Foundation on the Potters Wheel

  • Introduction To Pottery

  • Preparation of Clay

  • Basic techniques to make a pot

    2. Forms

  • Cylinders to make mugs, cups, milkers, small holders etc

  • Half Spheres to make bowls (small and medium) of utilitarian and decorative kinds

    3. Finishing a Pot

  • Trimmings

  • Handles of mugs, cups, bowls, decorative etc

    4. Handbuilding

  • 1. Pinching

  • 2. Coiling

  • 3. Slab Work

    5. Design

  • Concept building

  • Drawing out ideas

  • Making a Collection for the Exhibition/ Pop Up Sale

To Register For This Course-

Please click here, put in the subject as 'REGISTRATION', fill in your details and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.


Send us an email at hello@slowpottery.com/Watsap us at +91 9535037322


1. We conduct Glaze Application Workshops every month which is not included in this course but helps you complete your collection.

2. There is an extra charge for glazing (by slow pottery) and firing for the collection that you make for the exhibit. Rs.1500/- for firing and glazing approximately 8 cup size pieces. If your pieces are bigger, then the charge increases proportionately. If you wish to glaze it yourself, the cost of firing and glazing approximately 8 cup size pieces is Rs.1000/-

3. We will not be able to provide any cover up class in case of holidays.

5. We won’t be providing any refunds.

6. We take the full payment during the registration of the course which also acts as the confirmation of your slot.